10 Best Activities to do over the Weekend at Home

10 Best Activities to do over the Weekend at Home

With Covid-19, everyone is pretty much stuck home, even during the weekends. A lot of people may complain that they have nothing to do, but that’s not true. Staying at home during the weekends is the perfect opportunity for you to explore new hobbies and activities that you can enjoy!

With this guide, you can finally stop your search for things to do while you’re at home during the weekends. Let’s dive in.

1. Enjoy a virtual watch party with Netflix Party

Parties can still exist during these times.

Upset that you can’t go to the movie theatre with your friends and family? Netflix Party is here to solve your problems. All you need is a Netflix account and Chrome! Simply install Netflix Party and you can enjoy movie nights even without being in the same room. Another plus is that Netflix Party has a group chat function where you can discuss all the fun details while watching the movie at the same time. The group chat function is a great addition because it narrows the psychological distance between you and your friends to compensate for the physical distance. It really gives you a good opportunity to talk about something new, and share your thoughts and opinions without missing any important scenes. With Netflix Party, you can enjoy an awesome watch party while social distancing. Find out more at Netflix Party.

2. Sing a few songs at Karaoke Night

Turn your home into a singing stage!

If you like to sing but you’re not good with crowds, then a karaoke night at home is the perfect activity for you. Sing your favorite songs without worrying about anyone judging you! Karaoke versions of songs are readily available on Youtube, so go grab your ‘mike’ (a.k.a your water bottle) and belt out a few songs!

3. Get healthy with home training workouts

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should be lazy.

A 28-day full body home workout plan you can do in your living room

A lot of people are upset that gyms are currently closed. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that you can’t have a healthy lifestyle! There are so many ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. Try home training workouts. You can try zoom sessions with personal trainers, exercise apps, Youtube videos, and more. If you are worried that you don’t know how to plan out your process, a lot of trainers provide workout programs to help you stay fit. One well-known program is Chloe Ting’s workout program. While it is important to exercise, make sure that you don’t get hurt! 

4. Start your own Home-Café 

Enjoy coffee at home!

Coffee Beans from Online Coffee Brewing Class

Want to go to a café, but afraid to leave the house? Start your own little café at home! Home-café, which is making and enjoying drinks at home, is the new trend. Pretend to be a professional barista and treat yourself with your own coffee, Matcha latte, Dalgona-coffee at home. Not only can you make drinks that suit your preference, but it’s also cost-friendly! You can also brag on your Instagram and impress all your friends. One problem would be that some of these drinks require ingredients or machines that are hard to find in your local supermarket. If that is the case, check out our Online Coffee Brewing Class at Friday, where online classes, kits, and ingredients are all brought to your door. Our coffee brewing class will help beginners start their own home-café!

5. Learn something new with Online Learning

Use your time at home to learn a new skill.

Coronavirus boosts interest in online learning | Cedefop

Studying during the weekends as well? It may sound mundane at first, but online learning is definitely gaining exposure and popularity these days! It’s better than learning at school because you can choose what you would like to learn. Did you ever want to take a coding course, but was scared because you might not get good grades nor the time to study? With online learning, you’ll face none of those problems! Online learning, such as Coursera and Linkedin Learning, mainly focuses on what you have learned, rather than your grades. It is also flexible because you get to decide when to study. Say goodbye to the days where you would be late for your classes! Study anytime, anywhere, when you feel like it.

6. Find a new hobby

Leave your stress behind with a new hobby.

New Hobby at Home

A lot of people now recognize home as not just a place to live, but also a place to rest and enjoy hobbies. Time definitely flies when you spend it doing something that you truly enjoy. Many are using their time at home effectively by exploring new hobbies and skills to develop on, such as drawing, calligraphy, reading, and more. Be bold! Why not try something you’ve never done before? Who knows, you might be really good at it. Make your time at home more meaningful by doing something you love. For example, one great hobby to enjoy would be learning how to make your own cosmetics with a DIY Natural Cosmetics Class!

7. Learn how to cook and stay healthy

Make your meals more meaningful by making them yourself.

Healthy Eating and Cooking

During these stressful times, I’m sure you are looking for ways to boost your mental health and relieve some stress! One way to do that is to open your recipe book. The emotional benefits of cooking are endless, and it is also considered therapy. Try baking your own desserts, or cook a meal for your family. Similar to home-cafes, cooking is cost-effective and allows you to make food that suits your taste buds. It’s rewarding and really improves the quality of your life. It’s even better if you cook with your family members, as the coordination really helps build a close relationship! For example, this online Bento-Making Class with Patsy Chang (Healthy Eating Starts with Bento Boxes) will definitely let you discover the joy of cooking with your family or friends.

8. Watch Virtual Shows and Musicals

Immerse into a magical world.

Disney's Frozen The Broadway Musical | disguise

Theatres are closed, but that won’t stop musicals and shows from entertaining their fans! Theatres are showcasing their full performances online so you can still enjoy a good show at home. BroadwayHD is offering subscriptions to musical performances from Broadway and more. Another set of musical performances you can enjoy is Disney Cruise Line’s musical shows. They offer a virtual viewing of their magical performances on Youtube!

9. Explore DIY Projects

Invest into a project that can clear your mind and soul.

Vertical Gardens | DIY Project at Home

 If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, why not give it a fresh upgrade? Treat your home with a DIY project that can create more space and improve your organization skills. One great project would be to make an indoor vertical garden. Not only is this good for the environment, but it can give you a sense of relaxation as they’re easy to care for and helps lower anxiety! Another interesting project would be to label your kitchen necessities and keys, so you can avoid fumbling when looking for anything. You can check out more at House Beautiful.

10.  Make a music playlist for every mood

Whether you’re feeling down, happy, or lazy, a music playlist always helps.

Music Playlist for every mood

If you’re alone at home, you’ll probably hate it when it’s silent at home. If that’s the case, make a playlist of songs! Even better, make playlists to fit your every mood. Whether you’re feeling down, happy, or lazy, a music playlist can help you sink into that mood. Making a playlist is also the perfect opportunity for you to explore different music genres and discover new favorite artists!