Why is organic, natural skincare products so much better than the synthetic ones.

Why are organic, natural skincare products better than synthetic ones.

Nowadays, more and more people are switching to cosmetic products that put a heavy emphasis on labels like “natural”, “additive-free”, and “organic”, but why is that so?

According to a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, women can be applying an average of 168 chemicals onto their body through daily skincare routine. As for men, although they typically involve less in skincare products, they are still found to be shoving 85 chemicals onto their face daily. Let’s stop and think for a second. Think about the ingredients you’re applying, their production methods and the process could be as toxic as the heavy-duty chemicals used in factories – the only difference is that the ingredients are covered up by fragrances and wrapped up with nicely-designed packages.


In that case, do you still think it is ok to not pay any attention to what you’re applying? Has it ever occurred to you that you’re probably putting petroleum onto your skin on a daily basis? Stop with the “I don’t care at all” mindset and start looking for more natural ways to care for yourself! Still think it’s too much work and don’t bother to start? Here’s 4 reason why you should.1. Goes Easy On Your Skin

1. Goes Easy On Your Skin

Natural, organic skincare products are better for the skin overall with no or less chemical additives added to the ingredients or the fragrances. Synthetic products can be irritating as most of their ingredients are commercially made inside a lab and synthetically-composed, which puts a heavy burden onto your skin and can cause outbreaks. Potential outcomes include sensitivity, redness, and soreness.

Even though the fragrance might smell nice, they are actually used to cover up the chemicals only. Not to mention that fragrances are not even regulated by the Food and Drug Association in the US – there’s a high chance that many of them contain toxic chemicals which means you’re basically adding more chemicals to your body. In the end, the best “natural” skincare for fragrance is to not have a fragrance at all to ensure that none of these chemicals are absorbed into your body.


Choosing the correct product for your skin type can effectively prevent break-outs, prevent allergic reactions and soothe skin damage, etc. For example, olive oil – is highly moisturizing and nutrients-dense with an ample amount of minerals and vitamins that help slow down aging by detoxification and skin-toning. If you’re a fan of our natural skincare online class, you will know that natural ingredients like lavender oil have anti-inflammatory effects which help in healing by promoting cell repair and improving the roughness of skin. If you wanna know, you can check out our natural handmade skincare online class taught by OFDD on https://fridayoz.com/product/a-healthy-remedy-for-body-soul/.

2. Good to the Environment

Imagine what will the chemicals do to the animals while we’re producing and what will the chemicals do to the environment every time being washed down the drain. You could be shocked by the numbers of brand testing on animals – almost all of the most common and prestigious brands in the world.  To name but just a few, NARS, L’Oréal, Benefit, and Lancôme. These big names often cause unnecessary pain on the innocents by testing on them. Even though some brand claims to be cruelty-free, some of the minor ingredients contained might have been animal-test, so the only way to ensure that you’re using ethical products is to choose those pure skincare products or even make your own.


Most additives are made from petroleum – a source of non-renewable energy and its pollutants are the main reason behind greenhouse effects and climate changes in the past century. Traditional skin care products puts a great stress on the environment throughout its extraction and manufacturing process for industrial ingredients like Aluminium, petroleum etc. Such processes require extensive mining underground and intensive drilling of seabed. Not only does the process give out a great deal of pollution to the surroundings, it also brings a dire consequence to the ecosystems in the long run. Chemical additives harm the animals and plants when they come into contact, it also finds its way into the rivers and foods we eat. Switching to toxin-free products not only helps preserve nature but also marks a huge difference to our quality of life with fresher air and cleaner food supply.

3. Packed with Nutrients


It is safe to say that natural skincare products have more nutrient values than that of the industrially-made ones and this is the key difference which defines the 2. While scanning through the ingredient labels on the package, you can easily spot strange words like “dye” and “petrolatum”. They are ingredients made in labs – even though capable of performing their functions – but have low nutritious value. Let’s be fair, they are just a mixture of a bunch of toxins with synthetic chemicals. 

As for natural products, they are filled with familiar words like “grape-seed oil” and “lemon juice” and so on. Not only do they sound tasty, but also super beneficial to your body and health. They are super nutrient-dense, providing all the basic compounds that fuels our body – Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Resveratrol and so much more. If you’re familiar with our class, then you must know Groom-well root – the base oil we use when making lip balm in our natural handmade skincare class. It is another natural ingredient that is known for its promotion of blood circulation by removing blood stasis and reduces inflammation. The natural sweet orange flavour essential oil used is also packed with supplements like Vitamin C which is an excellent booster for metabolism while it also works its wonder by purifying skin tone and locks in all the moisture.

4. Safer for Your Health


We apply skincare products because we want to strengthen our skin to act as a barrier to prevent toxins from getting in as well as for nourishing. The ironic part is that we are actually applying these “toxins” onto our skin as these synthetic cosmetics are manually-made chemicals. These “toxins” can still find their way and manage to get through our skin and eventually enter our body, penetrating our bloodstream and vital organs. In fact, 60% of the materials applied to skin can be absorbed, however, our body can’t filter the bad ones, right? Which means we are basically allowing 60% of anything into our body in some sort of way. Studies even show that commercial cosmetic products have a direct influence on our immune, reproductive and nervous system. You see, when you apply face cream, the ingredients slowly dissolve and sinks in, penetrating through your skin into the bloodstream. If you are using our own handmade natural skincare products, you will essentially be avoiding all of these detrimental health effects.

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