One Stroke at a Time: @hyatt.arts

One Stroke at a Time: @hyatt.arts

This week, we have returned in the lookout for an artist within the theme of “One Stroke at a Time”. 

Meet this week’s local artist, @hyatt.arts !

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She is an artist based in Hong Kong who has a very dynamic art journey. She has been painting all her life, starting around 3 years old. Because she would paint every day in her childhood, the whole school knew her name for being good at drawing. But at the back of her head, she always thought, in Hong Kong, we cannot make money at all being an artist. Due to economic constraints during her childhood, she was afraid to pursue a full career in arts. This led her to choose a profession in auditing, as she felt it to be the natural step in her major as an Economics and Finance student. 

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She had to say farewell to her artistic side during the time she was busy as a successful auditor in the Big 4 for around 10 years. While jumping through multiple companies and across several countries, she decided that she was going to finally return to her arts by deciding to save up for an art school and quit the finance world for good. She always knew she wanted to be an artist all the time, but she was just a bit lost throughout her journey. And when she found the perfect school for her in Florence, Italy (and went through a painful process of trying to acquire a Visa), she packed up everything in Singapore, and quit her job to be an art student, then and there. In 2017, she went to Florence to study visual arts, mainly oil painting. This is when she felt her art skills exponentially improving.

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“It opened my eyes. Everything was so beautiful there, it inspired me everyday”

Unfortunately, her artist business was interrupted due to a severe illness of a family member (who is now a survivor). She was needed back in Hong Kong to assist her family so that they could go through this sudden hardship together. 

In between, she still continued to practice painting by making a few wedding animations for clients who found her online. However, in 2018-19, she was emotionally down because of the external situation: she could not continue her art school, she did not have access to sufficient art supplies while in the family house in Hong Kong, and the nation-wide incidents which added on to the emotional turmoil. This is when she started taking sports. She thought having a healthier and more active body would also help clear the mind. Although her financial situation wasn’t as affluent as her auditing days, with her continued routine of exercise and art practices, plus occasional freelance jobs have immensely helped improve her situation. 

And now, (maybe with a little help from you bored folks roaming IG during quarantine), her IG account where she uploads her art practices and artistic exploration has boomed in the last couple months. For instance, a few days ago, she was also featured in Sassy Hong Kong’s article list of various local artists!

During her artwork making process there are four main ways in how she choose the topic of each painting: 

  1. Inspiration from everyday life 
  2. Song lyrics
  3. Live painting outdoors (pre-pandemic)
  4. And when all 3 don’t work (i.e. artist block) she gets her inspiration from Pinterest boards. 

Interestingly, she doesn’t pick any favourites, when it comes to art inspirations or topics.

“To me, art should only be positive (or neutral or funny), I don’t make art that triggers sadness and anger. I appreciate people who make political art pieces, like Banksy. Sometimes, they trigger sadness and anger and it’s meaningful. I just can’t do it myself. I’d be sad in the process and cannot finish it. Also, when I consider the people who look at my art, I don’t want them to feel such emotions” 

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For those of you who are having a hard time finishing your artwork, or feel like all the time and effort put to make just one artwork might be not worth it, she has a really helpful tip for you. 

“There was one painting that took such a long time. And it didn’t even look like what I was intending to paint until the very last minute. Yet, watching it come to life when I added in the last white stroke in the end, it was so fulfilling. Like when you are running long distances, you may feel so exhausted and wanna give up many times during the run. However, once it’s done, it is so fulfilling, and you wanna run again soon.” 

So, don’t give up in the middle, and make it a practice to just follow through the whole painting once you start. You never know which brush stroke that is just right will make the artwork come to life!

If you would like to see more of  @hyatt.arts ‘s works, don’t forget to visit her account and follow 🙂

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