#Hello_Friday Challenge!

Friday Case Competition

Friday invites you to redefine Friday’s business and marketing strategy by taking part in #Hello_Friday Challenge. If you have a ton of business ideas, here is a chance for you to pitch your innovations and creativity. We would like to have you to redefine our business strategy in managing online learning experience in Hong Kong!

Your mission is to :

Option 1) Create a marketing campaign for one of the artists on fridayoz.com


Option 2) Create a solution on how to overcome the barriers of online learning in the creative space 

Winners will have the chance to be awarded prizes worth over HKD$1000 with a potential internship opportunity and mentorship offered by us!

1st place: internship opportunities + mentorship + free class coupon (online only)

2nd place: mentorship + free class coupon (online only)

3rd place: free class coupon (online only)

About Friday


Learn anytime, anywhere with the right tools at your doorsteps. 

Friday is Hong Kong’s first online hobby learning platform to deliver materials to your doorsteps. We are a platform that aims to enrich the artistic community in Hong Kong. Learn anytime, anywhere with the right tools at your doorstep. 


  1. All applicants must reside in Hong Kong. 
  2. This contest is open to both full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students studying and residing in Hong Kong.
  3. You can register individually or in a team of maximum of 2 participants.


  1. Registration opens (for individual / team registration) Sept 2nd.
  2. Registration closes (for individual / team registration) Sept 20th.
    – From Sept 2nd to Sept 20th, join / register individually or a team of maximum 2.
  3. Deadline: submissions are due by 11:59pm on Oct 3rd. (HKT).
    – Choose the question you would like to work on. Present your ideas and insights in the format of a maximum of 5 pages ppt (Cover slide and appendix excluded) and submit it to office@fridayoz.com in PDF.
    – Please indicate all your personal information on the cover slides including name, contact number, and email address.
    – Your ppt is highly advised to include the followings:
    1. Current underlying problem
    2. Overall idea/strategy (offline/ online)
    3. Market research & strategy
    4. Financials
  4. Results announcement (1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams + lucky draw): The winners of this pitch will be contacted by Oct 11th through email.