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FRIDAY is run by a group of arts & craft specialists in Hong Kong.

We bring creative classes to your favorite places: home, cafés, bookstores, and clubhouses.



Enjoy creativity at the comfort of your home. Classes with high-quality materials sourced from Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.


For those who wish to make classes happen in their favorite venues. Curated workshop contents for minimum 1 day to 52 week-long sessions.


Questions and Answers

  • What are Starters and Classes?

    We have two types of products, Starters and Classes. Starters have very simple instructions in the form of either paper instruction inside the package or web guidance found on purchasing page. Otherwise, all Classes will be provided by professional instructors.

  • What is included in each Class?

    If you are taking your Class at home, every Class comes with Online Class and Materials necessary for you to finish the project of your choice. Classes are shot by the artist directly or produced in FRIDAY studio. All materials are sourced and/or reviewed by our 30+ partner artists.

    If you are taking your Class at the venue of your choice, every Class will have a FRIDAY Instructor and Materials necessary for you to finish the project of your choice. Classes can happen just for one day or for consecutive weeks.

Humble Beginnings



Jun Ko

Jun's specialty is origami. He is an engineer who adores upcycling and social inclusion projects. He likes meditating.


Andrew Suckley

Andrew's specialty is figurine painting. He enjoys performing as an actor and musician, and will always accept a challenge at a board game.


Katy Young
Katy's specialty is tattoo art and design. She is constantly sketching and honing her skills. She enjoys any craft activity, particularly those with a cute end-product!


Krinsky Lee

Krinsky's specialty is calligraphy and arts. She enjoys musicals and craft activities. She loves to create surprises and spread joy to those around her.


June Kim

June’s specialty is pen drawing. She loves drawing on cards and anywhere she can draw. She enjoys latte art, teaching people, and creating whatever she can create!