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Perfect For

  • Those wanting to learn how to bake
  • Those at home looking for a new hobby
  • Anyone with a sweet tooth

About the Class

In this class, we will be exploring a variety of different desserts, ranging from cakes to tarts to marshmallows.

I am going to teach everyone how to make chocolate mousse cake and mango cheesecake, with a firm introduction to the differences between baked and non-baked cakes. I will also provide step-by-step guidance to ensure everyone can follow along. We will be creating the cakes from scratch, preparing the base all the way to adding final decorations.

Then, I will be teaching a tart series — chocolate, banana, custard, and lemon. These will also be made from scratch as we will prepare the tart shells, prepare the tart filling, chill them in the fridge, and decorate them with fruit and chocolates. I am also hoping to add in a fun class ending by teaching everyone how to make some marshmallows.

An ingredient we will be using is gelatin, and it is very common in dessert-making, so I will be adding in some common usages of gelatin. I will also give you tips here and there about dessert-making to answer some common questions. 

About King

Hi everyone, I am King, and I love baking.

“Baking is great, but what I love most are the reactions of my friends and customers when they see the finished products. It’s such a gratifying experience!”

How It All Came About 

I have been making simple dishes ever since I was young, but how I came about baking is a actually a pretty interesting story. During my primary school years, I decided to buy a pre-made cake mix for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an oven at home at the time, so I decided to steam the cake instead. Miraculously enough, the cake ended up tasting just fine.

Either way, I thought that baking was pretty fun, and that’s how my interest sparked. But in between busy schedules and limited access to ingredients and baking equipment, I really only truly dived into baking later on in my teenage years.

My Life Now

I’ve been teaching baking for 3 years now, mostly engaging with children and teenagers. I actually started teaching as a volunteer at a local community service clubhouse, where they then invited me back later on to teach in the summer.

At about the same time, I started selling mooncakes, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods on Instagram / other online platforms. I honestly never expected a hobby to turn into a job of sorts.

What I Hope to Share With You

Sometimes, I think of baking as an exploration of daily life. There aren’t that many people in HK who bake or cook for themselves often, mostly because the city is very fast-paced.

While the baking process itself is pretty fun, seeing the final result and the reactions from friends and customers is much more rewarding.

I want everyone to be able to experience the same sense of pride and satisfaction. I firmly believe through food, one can learn that patience is, in fact, a virtue that can bring so much fulfillment.




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