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Perfect For

  • Those looking to learn candle-making
  • Those looking to create with their own hands
  • Those looking for a new hobby
  • Those looking to relax and slow down

About the Class

Before I dive into the details of candle-making, I will first teach you how to handle the materials, fragrance oils, and molds. Then, I will introduce the different types of wax to you, such that you understand what kinds of ingredients you can use to make your candles.

During the candle making process, we will make Container candles, Aroma candle tablets, Dry flowers, and Cake candles. I will guide you through every step, as well as answering common questions. Safety precautions and tips will also be offered to ensure that everyone stays safe and has fun. 

I hope everyone will learn something new in this candle-making class!

About Kathy

Hi, I am Kathy, and my hobby is candle-making.

“Seeing my students adding their personal touches to their candles gives me such a strong sense of accomplishment. It feels like we are moving forward together.”

A Happy Accident 

I was traveling in the UK about two years ago when I came across some handmade candles. They were scented and had different colors; I thought they were really pretty.

I bought a few as souvenirs for myself. But when I was packing up to come back to Hong Kong, I realized that I had lost them sometime during my vacation and didn’t have time to re-buy the candles.

I was very upset and started wondering if I could make the candles myself.

Developing My Hobby

I read up on a lot of different websites, looking up different information about candle-making. Eventually, I did enough research and bought some ingredients to try making my own candles. I also signed up for courses to further enhance my skills.

Contrary to the fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong, candle-making is a relatively slow process. The boiling of water, melting of the wax, infusion of fragrances and scents, adding of colors is all very therapeutic.

I recently also obtained my Aroma Candle Master Certificate from the Korean Candle Craft Association (KCAA) and hope to further expand my love for candle making through teaching.

Finding Inspiration

I like experimenting with various different techniques, styles, colors, and molds to create candles with different characteristics and flairs. I find the personalization of candles extremely interesting and fun.

Sometimes, I look towards other candle-makers or artists on Instagram for reference. But more often than not, I simply find inspiration in daily life. I am currently working on a nature-themed project, hoping to create some candles reflecting the mountains and hills in HK.

My Message to Students

Candle-making may seem like a very trivial hobby, but I think the process can bring much joy to everyone. I hope my students can challenge themselves to not be afraid of making mistakes when making candles.

After all, practice makes perfect. The sense of accomplishment that comes after is so rewarding and definitely worth it.



Q. What’s the most ideal working area for candle-making?

A professional candle-making classroom or workshop would be the most ideal. However, with the understanding that not everyone has a candle-making work station at home, the most ideal place would just be a clean desk / dinner table so there is a good-sized area for you to spread everything out and make sure nothing is too clustered.

Q. Where to place each type of candles at home?

While there are different types of candles, in general, all candles burn pretty well in a dry place. There is no specific place a type of candle is better suited for; just ensure the area in which you place your candle is dry and safe (not easily knocked over) and it should be okay.

Q. How long can the aroma candle last?

Typically a 100-gram candle will last around 6-8 hours, but that varies depending on size and ingredients.

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