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Perfect For

  • Those looking to learn candle-making
  • Those who enjoy different scents
  • Those looking to create with their own hands
  • Those looking for a hobby

About the Class

In this candle-making class, I will be teaching everyone how to make 5 different kinds of candles, including but not limited to Crayon Candles, Wax Tables with dried flowers, and Layered Candles. I will also teach color mixing skills in candle making to allow everyone to create different colored candles. 

Candle tips, such as which candle to use in different atmospheres / occasions, how to use candles as gifts, and what scent suits which group of people most, will also be covered in the class. Furthermore, I will also go over safety tips to ensure everyone stays safe during their candle-making experience. 

Some common questions that you might have will also be answered. Sign up for my class if you want to know more about candles and candle-making. See you there! 

About Wallis

Hello, my name is Wallis, and I make candles.

“I love fragrances. I also enjoy reading or scrolling through my phone by the candlelight. The flickering flames and lingering aroma give me a sense of warmth and peace.”

It Started With a Book

In 2015, I stumbled upon a book on aromatherapy that talked about natural aromatherapy massage candles. I was deeply intrigued.

I started making my candles for friends and family, as natural aromatherapy massage candles were not popular in Hong Kong then.

Most of the candles on the market are simple cup candles, but I often saw candles from Korea with detailed designs and patterns on Instagram. Therefore, in 2018, I decided to go to Korea to enroll in a professional candle-making course.

What I Like About It  

Candle making requires a lot of concentration and planning — I need to pick candle scents that match my mood, express my emotions through the candle’s appearance, and consider the color scheme of the candle.

Yet, it never fails to excite me every time I remove a finished candle from the mold. It may not be easy work, but ultimately, I really enjoy the process.

As my job started getting more stressful, I really enjoyed going home to see dim lights and a warm candle glow greeting me. The calming aroma from the candles allows my mind to take a break and relax. It is a very healing experience for my soul.

Extending My Circles 

With the rise of Covid-19, more and more people — both locally and internationally — started reaching out wanting to learn candle-making. It got me thinking about how I can teach people from all around the world.

While opening an online class can also help pay the bills, more importantly, it can allow me to connect with so many more people.

Candles made by different people have different personalities and characteristics, and solely belongs to the maker. I hope to share this immense sense of achievement with everyone. In my humble opinion, this truly is one of the beauties of candle-making.

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