Craft Beer Brewing Journey: Australia, Korea, and Hong Kong

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Perfect For

  • Anyone who wants to brew their own beer
  • All beer lovers
  • Anyone who is looking for a new hobby

About the Class

For this home beer-brewing class, we will be splitting it into two main parts.

I will start off by teaching everyone how to use and take care of the brewing equipment — a steel bucket, cooling coil(s), and bottle(s). I will also teach you how to use the different ingredients involved in home beer-brewing. Each ingredient serves a different purpose within the brewing process, and I will answer all your questions during this part of the class. 

Then, we will get into the actual beer-brewing. It takes about 7 days to complete, so patience is required. I will be giving everyone plenty of details and guidance in terms of the brewing process, as well as different fun facts about beer itself.

I’m very excited to start this class, so sign up and learn how to brew some beer at home!

About Phillip

Hey there, my name is Phillip, and I am the Head Brewer at the Hong Kong Beer Company.

“I love sharing it with other people, and knowing that they are enjoying something that I made. I also love introducing people to beer that wouldn’t taste like they expect it to, and maybe opening their mind to new possibilities of beer flavors.

Casual Hobby Turned Profession 

Honestly, I started as a home brewer. I was studying chemical engineering in university, and was brewing beer with my roommate just for fun. During my first year, I spent some time in America and tried craft beer for the first time.

That’s when my view of beer changed, and I fell in love. I’ve been brewing at home since then, and professionally for 8 years now.

After a year at an engineering firm, I started working at Riverside Brewing Company in Australia. While I picked up a lot more about brewing, a couple of the more valuable things I learnt were the ins and outs of commercial brewing and the industry itself.

My Experience in Korea

I then moved to South Korea and teamed up with some people to start our own brewery, Budnamu, one of the pioneers of craft beer in South Korea. While I loved my job at Budnamu, I was looking to further broaden my horizons. 

Therefore, I left to work for a large global brewing company, launching the Chicago beer brand Goose Island into Korea and operating its flagship brewpub in Seoul. After a few years, I returned to Budnamu to focus on growth and new styles of beer like sour and barrel aged beer. 

Of course, my journey wasn’t all smooth-sailing. Navigating the legal restrictions and the market trends was challenging, but overall an amazing experience.

Starting A New Chapter 

After returning to Australia for a bit, I joined the Hong Kong Beer Company and relocated to Hong Kong.

I have always loved Hong Kong. It seemed so vibrant, exciting, and multicultural each time I visited. When I heard that Hong Kong Beer Co was looking for a new Head Brewer, I thought it really was a perfect fit for me. 

Thus, I’ve recently moved to Hong Kong (with my wife) to work here. I’m pretty excited to see where this part of my career will take me.

Introduction of the Class 

I really want to teach people that they can make great beer at home by themselves. Even though space is limited in Hong Kong, it doesn’t mean you can’t create your own personal flavors of beer.

Brewing is a lot of fun, and sharing the beers you have made with your friends and family is something very special; at the same time, I want to stress the importance of quality and care when it comes to making good beer, even when at home.



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