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Perfect For

  • Those interested in pencil drawing
  • Anyone interested in the process of art
  • Those wanting to explore the world of art
  • Those wanting to illustrate their imagination

About the Class

I will be teaching everyone how to draw facial features. More specifically, we will be focusing on learning how to draw the eyes, nose, and lips. Although it may seem difficult and daunting at first, I will be offering step-by-step guidance to ease this learning process.

Before we start drawing, I will first explain some fundamental tips and theories you should all know. These include ratios, symmetry, brightness, shadows, pressure of the pencil, and more. I will also elaborate on some external resources we can utilize, such as digital software and color pencils, to further enhance our finished drawings.

The materials we will be using are relatively simple. The Starter’s Kit you will receive includes pencils, mechanical pencils, erasers, and drawing paper that I often use. The size and texture of paper differ from the usual A4 paper we use for better quality and effect. We may also use tissues during the drawing process for different effects, but any tissue at home will be suitable.

About Kar

Hi, I’m Kar, a self-taught artist from Hong Kong.

“Art helps express my emotions and illustrate my imagination concretely with images, colors, or even sounds.”

Ordinary but Special

Honestly speaking, my first experience with art is probably very similar to that of other people my age in Hong Kong. It can be dated back to my childhood when I had Visual Arts lessons at school.

I can’t recall exactly when my interest in and love for drawing developed to this extent because it happened quite naturally. Despite the ordinary first encounter, for as long as I can remember, art has been a special part of me.

I think my experience with art really conveys that something doesn’t need to be grandiose to become a significant aspect of one’s story.

Art Has No Boundaries

I truly find it meaningful and comfortable to have art as a part of my life, because it helps express my emotions and illustrate my imagination concretely with images, colors, or even sounds.

This happens especially when I have the opportunity to explore and experiment with different types of mediums, such as pencil, acrylic, watercolor, or software.

Because art has no boundaries, it really gives me a sense of diversity and freedom.

Creating Many with Little

I’m currently focusing on working with pencils and paper to do sketches and drawings. It’s amazing how a few materials can create so many different outcomes and artworks. It really shows that it’s not the materials that matter, but the process and artist’s imagination that is important.

Process is Important

In this class, I’d like to share my own experiences and methods in drawing with pencils. I want others to taste the joy of exploring the world of art. Most importantly, I hope everyone can have fun drawing as it’s not just the product, but the process that matters. Enjoy!




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