Perfect For

  • Anyone interested in making Korean food
  • Anyone interested in a new cuisine
  • Anyone who wants a new hobby
  • Anyone who likes Korean BBQ

About the Class

In this class, we will be learning how to make Kimchi, a popular Korean dish. I will first introduce relevant ingredients, as well as some local ingredients. The class will be split into 4 sections. In the first class, we will learn how to make kimchi itself; in the subsequent classes, I will teach three dishes that incorporate Kimchi (namely Kimchi butter fried rice, Kimchi pancakes, and Kimchi soup).  

Ingredients for making Kimchi will be included in the Starter’s Kit, however, certain equipment (ie. containers, bowls, chopsticks) will have to be prepared by students themselves.

I will also share with everyone tips (i.e. special cooking requirements for each type of Kimchi / differences when making different types of Kimchi) and fun facts (i.e. differences between Chinese & Korean cabbage / the popularity of Kimchis in different areas and why). 

About Running Pig

Hello, my name is Hyesun, co-owner of Running Pig.

“Learning about different cultures through food is an adventure of the world. These experiences are the ones that make our lives more special and meaningful.” 

Growing Up Korean 

Cooking came into my life very naturally because I grew up with organic farming culture. My parents owned a small farm in Korea where they grew all the vegetables (beans, chili, and some Korean traditional plants) that we ate. 

Furthermore, my mom was a very good cook and taught us about the harmony of different ingredient combinations. My childhood in Korea really instilled a deep interest in traditional Korean culture.

After university, I went backpacking in a lot of Asian countries for many years. Whenever I stayed in a country for long periods of time, I always tried to make Kimchi and other Korean dishes using local ingredients.

During my stay and experiences in making Kimchi in different Asian countries, I’ve realized that Indian, Thai, Laotian, Chinese, Indonesian cabbages are all different. 

My Business Ventures

Though each country had its own charm, I fell in love with Laos. In fact, I eventually opened a Korean-styled pub there. That was my first F&B business. 

Now I’m in Hong Kong, and I have started a Korean BBQ restaurant called Running Pig. I find the HK culture fascinating and would love to explore more while I am here, whilst still preserving my Korean heritage. 

Thoughts About Cooking

In my opinion, the best part about cooking is that the food we make every time is different. It is impossible to achieve the same exact result. I find the process of turning raw ingredients into an artwork a beautiful one. 

Moreover, the happiness when eating something you made with your own hands is simply indescribable and incomparable. It is even more gratifying when you share the food with someone you love!

Through this class, I would like to let students know that cooking is not difficult. Instead, it is a simple art journey where we can create anytime, anywhere.

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