Perfect For

  • Those looking to learn simple iPad drawing
  • Any art beginners
  • Those wanting to dive into illustration
  • Anyone wanting to express their emotions
  • All iPad users

About the Class

In this class, we will be learning the basics of iPad drawing. The application we will be using is called Procreate, which is an illustration app.

To start off the class, I will first teach everyone the basic functioning, general tools, tips, and shortcuts in using the app. Then we will start drawing illustrations from reference photos, ranging from your favorite k-pop artists to friends and family. Throughout the drawing process, I will teach you how to refine details in your digital illustrations. 

For example, the posture and body proportions of your characters vary depending on whether it is a single person or an interacting group of characters. I will also guide you in choosing colors, shades, and styles. More complicated steps such as mixing different layers and colors will also be taught in the class.

I will be creating templates for everyone to follow and use as reference throughout the class. I will also answer questions students usually have in hopes to create a smoother learning process.

About Rex

Hey, I’m Rex and I like to draw with my iPad.

“Drawing is a way of expressing feelings and emotions, and I would like to help and inspire people to feel the same about it.”

An Escape from Reality

I first started iPad drawing two years ago when I was a university student. The busy coursework and deadlines were stressing me out, and I found drawing as an excellent way to release stress and express my feelings.

There was also a feeling of vast accomplishment from seeing the finished artwork and sharing it on social media. During stressful times, iPad drawing was a form of escapism where I could temporarily forget about all the work I had to do.

Ever since then, iPad drawing has not just been a hobby of mine, but also an important part of my life.

Easy but Fun

Another reason why I fell in love with iPad drawing is that it is easy to pick up even with zero drawing experience. The illustrating app I use, Procreate, offers a wide range of drawing support. To name a few, it has stoke streamlines, tracing, and user-friendly color selection.

The countless types of drawing support really allow artists to develop a unique drawing style of their own. To briefly describe my style, I mainly draw Korean style comics. My drawings use less saturated colors with decreased contrast, conveying a relaxed and peaceful mood.

A lot of art beginners struggle with drawing on paper because it’s easy to make mistakes that are hard to erase, but I believe that iPad drawing helps them overcome those difficulties.

I think iPad drawing really provides a new and approachable experience compared to drawing on paper, and it’s a beginner artist’s ideal and easiest way to start their art journey.

Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts

To me, drawing is a way of expressing feelings and emotions, and I would like to help and inspire people to feel the same about it. I genuinely hope to help my students improve iPad illustrating skills, which can enable them to share their thoughts with imagination through drawings.


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