Hand-drip coffee brewing class for your first home cafe

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Coffee Bean Package

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Starter’s Kit

Coffee Brewing Starter's Kit

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  • Coffee lovers who never brewed your own coffee before
  • Daily drinkers who want to save money on coffee
  • Those who want to discover their own taste in coffee
  • Those who want to try different coffee beans

Blossom Hong Kong

About the Class

You will receive the same coffee-brewing equipment as in the Starter’s Kit for the class. This means you will be able to follow me step by step, and I will explain the procedure details as though we are in the same room.

Coffee Brewing

I will give you tips for brewing. Everything will be shared with you — from which tools to use to how to check if you have brewed the coffee in the right way. I will also answer some commonly asked questions from my students in the past / questions you have but haven’t had time to research answers for.

Online Coffee Class Snippet

In order to help you understand which coffee beans to choose, I have selected 8 different coffee beans for you to taste every two weeks. Each package will come with two 50g coffee bean bags, which is around 10 cups of coffee. We will learn the 3 major processing types of coffee beans, followed by an introduction of dark roasted / blended coffee beans. There will be a special treat at the end of the 2-month program.

Coffee Brewing

Brewing is fun, but it takes time to practice. Hope you will follow along and practice so that you can bring out the full flavor of the coffee you are brewing.


By the end of the class, you will be able to identify which coffee bean types you prefer, and distinguish different coffee beans wherever you go. I will guide you through the whole process, so that you can tell the difference between the coffee types through origin, color, smell and taste.


About Daniel

Hello, I am Daniel, one of the three owners of Blossom coffee shop on Bonham Road, and the roaster of our coffee shop.

Daniel Chan at Blossom Hong Kong

“My mentor taught me that a good coffee requires a balanced taste of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness, but ultimately, a good cup of coffee is whatever your heart desires.”

A Mentor Who Changed My Life

I was just like your average university student who drank coffee every day. That is until I met my mentor Izaki san during a trip to Japan; I think that was the first time I actually reflected upon what “coffee” meant to me.

Blossom Hong Kong


My mentor taught me different ways to enjoy coffee, and how to brew the coffee beans in the right ways to bring out the best flavor in the coffee beans.

Daniel Chan at Blossom Hong Kong

I fell in love with coffee then, and decided to keep learning under his guidance in Japan. I was mesmerized by the complexity of coffee. Later when I came back to Hong Kong, I decided to open a coffee shop with my partner.

Specialty Coffee – Delivering the Best Quality Coffee

Blossom Hong Kong

The way my mentor taught me to roast beans and brew coffee is now commonly known as making “specialty coffee”. Back then, there weren’t as many specialty coffee shops that treated coffee quality as their top priority.

Blossom Hong Kong

Starbucks did a good job spreading the coffee-drinking culture in Hong Kong where tea is more common. While the chain-store became more focused on delivering quick takeaway coffees with a standardized process, I saw an opportunity to share my skills in brewing some quality coffee.

Blossom Hong Kong

That’s why my partners and I opened Blossom in Sai Ying Pun. It is a specialty coffee shop where everyone can come out and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Sharing the Experience of Brewing Good Coffee

Coffee brewing in itself is a very satisfying experience. I started brewing coffee because of the satisfaction I gained from brewing itself, but seeing happy smiles on my customers was also immensely gratifying.

Daniel Chan at Blossom

I want to share the experience of brewing your own coffee with students who are planning to take this class. Serving coffee to yourself or to someone else is very rewarding, and I hope students will find the experience as pleasurable as I do.



Q. What made you open this class?

A. When I first learned about coffee, I was simply visiting Japan for fun. One day, I met Izaki san, who eventually became my mentor and taught me coffee-brewing skills. I didn’t know there were so many different aspects to coffee, and I think the exposure and learning process was important for me to gain a better understanding of this industry. That’s why I want to share how coffee brewing works and what aspects there are to tasting different coffees.

Q. What is the language of the class? Also is it live?

A. This class is recorded in Cantonese, with both Cantonese and English subtitles. All videos are pre-recorded and edited so that you can get all the notes and tips inside the video 🙂

Q. Where do I watch the online class?

A. You will receive a link and a password to watch the video on Friday website. There is no limit to watch period nor playable times, so you can take enough time to practice and master your brewing techniques!

Q. How are coffee beans delivered?

A. If you buy a Full Pack, you will receive 2 types of coffee beans (50g each) every two weeks, for 4 times. All coffee beans are freshly roasted before shipping so that you can brew them at its optimal condition (7-10 days after roasting). 50g is enough for 3-4 cups, so you can brew 8-10 times for 2 weeks before receiving two more beans. Please note there are order cut-off dates because beans have to be roasted in batches altogether.

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Coffee Bean

No Beans 不用加購, Trial Pack (2 beans) 咖啡豆 (兩種), Full Pack (8 beans) 咖啡豆 (八種)

Starter's Kit

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2 reviews for Hand-drip coffee brewing class for your first home cafe

  1. Matthew Ngai

    If you want to learn about coffee, this course has it all. Video quality’s great, contents are easy to follow. Shout out to Friday for making this happen.

  2. Evan (verified owner)

    I bought the full kit and I was actually surprised on how in-depth this course was. Really learned a lot on honey coffee and making my own blend.

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