Perfect For

  • Those interested in bento-making
  • Those wanting to eat healthy
  • Those looking for a new hobby
  • All food-lovers

About the Class

In this class, I will be teaching everyone how to make a Bento Box. We will be making some colored rice, apple chicken balls, some vegetables, some sweets, and then learning how to package all of it.

Our Starter’s Kit will include most things you need to make this Bento Box. Ingredients include but are not limited to rice, food coloring, seasoning, materials boxes, food cutters… etc.

This class focuses greatly on the presentation of foods, as well as the importance of incorporating healthy ingredients when making your own foods. Thus, there will be a lot of personalization and choices in this class for students to explore.

About Patsy

Hi, I am Patsy, proud owner of The Patsy Creative Culinary. 

“Cooking is all about the hands-on experience, I just love how I can use my hands to make something beautiful as it is delicious.”

A Bit About Myself 

During my university education, I studied human ecology, dabbling in dietician, and hotel management. When I first graduated, I worked in the hotel catering business.

While I have always loved cooking, I never really considered it as a career path until later on in life.

Why Bento-Making? 

To be honest, I started really delving into bento-making when my daughter was a toddler. She was a very picky eater, and in order to coax her into eating more fruits and veggies, I started making bento boxes.

People, but especially young children, eat with their eyes before their mouths. By using different shapes and colors in my bento-boxes, I was able to mix healthy ingredients together and create an appetizing meal.

My daughter would bring her bento-boxes to school and have fun eating her vegetables instead of complaining. Presentation really is key.

My Business Motto 

I started The Patsy Creative Culinary soon after. However, contrary to other cooking classes / workshops, I really focus on the “healthy-eating” aspect in my business.

I firmly believe in the importance of promoting a sustainable healthy diet where we are conscious of our sugar, salt, and fat intake.

Furthermore, I want the experience of cooking to be one of creativity and fun. Allowing kids to make their own food and then taste them afterward is the easiest way to grab their attention. Using their delicious final product, I can then begin to instill the importance of healthy eating.



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