Leather coin case and pouches making class

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Perfect For

  • Those looking to make leather products
  • Those looking to dabble in handicrafts
  • Those wanting a new hobby
  • Those wanting some durable leather craft

About the Class 

In this leather-crafting class, a Starter’s Kit will be supplied to you all. Materials include but are not limited to a burnisher, pre-cut leather pieces, a stretch compass, sponges for dyeing, brass snaps, and needles and thread. A more comprehensive list of the materials included will be sent to you later on.

For this class, we will focus on making three leather products: a cardholder, an ID holder, and a coin holder. In making these items, we will explore variations and customizations of leather products through color options. I will guide everything step-by-step during the production process.

Aside from teaching the actual leather-making process, I will explain to you how you can differentiate different leather types (chrome-tanned vs. veg-tanned), the different parts of the hide (belly vs. back vs. shoulder), and the usage of more advanced tools (leather knives, awl, etc). I will also answer common questions leather-crafting beginners may have. 

About Colin

Hello, I am Colin, and I am the owner of Eternal Leather Goods.

“I really do believe that leather is an eternal gift. Knowing that customers are using my leather products over the years gives me such a huge sense of accomplishment.”

It Started Off As A Gift

Back in 2011, I started looking into leather-crafting because I wanted to make my girlfriend a gift. My wish to make a memorable gift grew to become a passion for leather-craft.

I kept practicing and eventually started my own company “Eternal Leather Goods” in 2013. Why Eternal? Because I believe in creating valuables that will last a lifetime. This is also why I only make handmade products, because hand-stitching is tighter and more durable than machine-stitching.

Leather-craft is for Everyone

After a few years of starting Eternal Leather Goods, I took my dream one step further and started teaching in workshops.

I have had the opportunity to teach and share the joy of leather-craft through various classes, ranging from company classes to community center workshops.

I have met so many people with different backgrounds, all brought here together to learn leather-craft. The diversity is one of the reasons why teaching workshops is always a new experience for me.

In workshops, I teach people how to make leather products, such as wallets and cardholders, from scratch. Seeing my students transform leather fabrics into products that they can use is always interesting.

Accomplishing My Dreams

I feel proud when customers give good feedback or when I see that they are still using products from 4-5 years ago. It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing I have achieved my goal.

This workshop is a great starting point for students to dabble in leathercraft and learn how to make a unique and special creation with their own hands. Starting from scratch can be difficult but rewarding. It takes time and practice, but ultimately, every second is worth it.


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