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Perfect For

  • Those interested in leather-craft
  • Those wanting to take up a new hobby
  • Those looking to explore hands-on craftsmanship

About the Class

In this leather crafting class, I will be teaching everyone how to make a leather wallet.

There are three main steps in this process. The first step is to attach the leather, I will break this step down into smaller section to ease the learning process. Then, we will make holes in the leather to attach different pieces together. Thirdly, everyone will be taught how to stitch the pieces together to create the wallet. Finish steps of polishing will also be covered in this course.

Questions will also be answered regularly. I will be using the same materials and equipment to make sure everyone stays on the same page. Though it might seem complicated, I will be assisting everyone with step-by-step procedures and guidelines to ensure the most effective learning experience.

About Andies

Hi there, I’m Andies, and I enjoy leather-crafting.

The best part about leather-craft is that I can make something that I would never otherwise imagine making with my own hands.” 

A Brief History

I have a full-time job as an architect designer in Hong Kong and I am currently studying for my Masters in Architecture. Though I am passionate about what I do, designing is difficult to navigate simply because of the various legal and construction restrictions.

Leather-craft, on the other hand, is a side project where I can have the freedom to explore and experiment with more design ideas. I started about 6 years ago as a Year 3 undergraduate. I was studying architect design at the time and thought it would be a new and interesting idea.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about leather-craft and took a step further by opening a workshop.

The Ins and Outs 

One would think that to successfully make something out of leather, they would need heavy and complicated machinery to make it work. But honestly, it’s nowhere near as complicated as that.

Most of the products I create are hand-made and customizable, making the production process relatively simple.

Over the years, I have made wallets, cardholders, certain pieces of furniture… etc. I enjoy it because seeing my finished products gives me a sense of accomplishment, and it makes me feel like I can do and try whatever I want to do. It truly gives me the motivation to continue practicing and improving.

Offering Workshops, Advice, and Beyond

Initially, I opened my leather-crafting workshop because I had too many leather-craft tools and needed a way to use them.

But after I opened my workshop, a lot of people showed interest and I found joy in passing on my knowledge to other people. It’s quite fun and inspiring to share my experience with others through teaching. 

Moreover, because I acquired all my knowledge through self-studying, it’s easy for me to share my own journey, personal tips, and leather-crafting advice with my students. Ultimately, not only do I want to encourage my students to explore leather-craft, but I also want them to feel free with endless ideas, just like I did.

In the class, you will get to learn how to make leather products by yourself, with lots of different color options to choose from. I have probably the most variety of leather in terms of different colors.

The most popular ones are natural color (Beige), blue, brown and black. In the leathercraft world, there are mainly two types of leather products which are veg-tanned and chrome-tanned.

Veg-tanned leathers are more safe for the skin and are more popular as well. However, the color usually darkens over time as they oxidize. On the other hand, chrome-tanned leathers are more soft and have more vibrant colors.

I hope you can all enjoy the quiet, relaxing environment of leather-crafting with all the right tools that I have selected for you.

In fact, many customers find me because they have a hard time trying to do it themselves. It is often difficult to find working, affordable tools in the market, so I made a package that just includes the essentials for you. Sign up with your friends to get started!

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