• Base Oil (18ml) – Pre-mixed with Vitamin E
    • Default Option: Grape Seed Oil – (More refreshing – suitable for summer)
    • Coming soon: Coconut Oil – (More moisturising – suitable for winter)
  • Organic Beeswax (12g)
  • Lipstick Tube Mold (5ml x 6)
  • Essential Oil premixed with the base oil
    • Default Option: Lavender Oil (Scar-repairing – suitable for people with cracked lips)
    • Coming soon: Sweet Orange Oil (Highly moisturising and rich Vitamin C)
  • Optional Colouring: Red (Beetroot)

To be prepared at home:

  • Heat Resistant Container (>500ml)
    • E.g. Glass / Steel / PP Plastic
  • Heat Resistant Stirring Stick
    • E.g. Stainless Steel Whisk / Spoon
  • Safety Gloves

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