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Perfect For

  • Relaxing hobby for the weekend
  • Natural personal care product lovers
  • Oily / Dry / Sensitive skin types
  • DIY natural cosmetics making experience

About the Class

A speciality about the skincare products that OFDD makes is the usage of all natural, chemical-free, organic ingredients and materials. I will be teaching everyone how to make such products in this online class. The main takeaways of this class will be learning how to make ointment, lip balm, and soap.

I will explain the effects and functions of different oils and ingredients along the way. As we progress further in the class, you will also realize that different combinations and mixtures of ingredients can create different products with different usages. Clear, simple steps will be outlined such that the production process is easy to follow.

At the end of the class, I will also offer tips on how to make your own unique soaps and ointments, such that you can customize your own products to your liking. Safety tips and guidelines will also be offered.

Hopefully by the end of the course, not only will you learn how to create your own skincare products, but also understand the special advantages of making your own products rather than buying products sold in the current market.

Material Pack Options

Class 1: Ointment – 10g each x 4 pieces

*Not Suitable for pregnant women & G6PD patients*
*If you are going to send out as gifts, you can tell us in advance and we can prepare a small card for you.* 

  • Base Oil (26ml) – Premixed with Groom-well root 
    • Default Option: Grape Seed Oil (More refreshing – suitable for summer)
    • Coming soon: Coconut Oil (More moisturising – suitable for winter)
  • Organic Beeswax (14g)
  • Aluminium Box Mold (10g x 4)
  • Essential Oil (Lavender) premixed with the base oil

To be prepared at home:

  • Heat Resistant container (>500ml)
    • E.g. Glass / Steel / PP Plastic
  • Safety Gloves

Class 2: Lip Balm – 5g each x 6 pieces

  • Base Oil (18ml) – Pre-mixed with Vitamin E 
    • Default Option: Grape Seed Oil – (More refreshing – suitable for summer)
    • Coming soon: Coconut Oil – (More moisturising – suitable for winter)
  • Organic Beeswax (12g)
  • Lipstick Tube Mold (5ml x 6)
  • Essential Oil premixed with the base oil
    • Default Option: Lavender Oil (Scar-repairing – suitable for people with cracked lips)
    • Coming soon: Sweet Orange Oil (Highly moisturising and rich Vitamin C)
  • Optional Colouring: Red (Beetroot)

To be prepared at home:

  • Heat Resistant Container (>500ml) 
    • E.g. Glass / Steel / PP Plastic
  • Heat Resistant Stirring Stick 
    • E.g. Stainless Steel Whisk / Spoon
  • Safety Gloves

Class 3: Soap – 100g each x 6 pieces

  • Base Oil (460g)
    • Option 1: Coconut and Olive Oil – (Suitable for people with dry skin)
    • Option 2: Grape Seed Oil – (Suitable for people with oily skin)
    • Option 3: Groom Well Root Oil – (Suitable for people with sensitive skin)
  • Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) (71g) 
    • *Natural Chemical Additive* – Store with stainless container
    • *Corrosive* – Please handle with caution

To be prepared at home: 

  • Apron
  • Bottled Water (164g)
    • *Not Tap Water*
  • Big Styrofoam Box with Seal & Towel / Cling Paper & Towel
  • Electronic Scale
  • Heat Resistant container (500ml) 
    • E.g. Glass / Steel / PP Plastic 
  • Heat Resistant Stirring Stick 
    • E.g. Stainless Steel Whisk / Stirring Spoon
  • Induction Stove
  • Mask
  • Safety Gloves
  • Tablecloth
  • Soap Mold – You may use milk cartons as replacement

Class 3 Extra: Soap Utensil Pack 

*If you could not prepare the above materials at home by yourself, you may purchase this kit, which will include all the tools needed for this class.*
*pH paper & thermometer are not a must if you cannot prepare by yourself.*

  • Silicone Soap Mold (6x100g)
  • Plastic Gloves 
  • Stainless steel whisk 
  • Stainless steel stirring spoon
  • Thermometer
  • 500ml PP Plastic Container
  • 5L Stainless Steel Bowl
  • pH Paper

About OFDD

Hey there, we are OFDD. We have been making natural, chemical-free lip-balm, ointment, and soap since 2018. We will teach you how to make DIY natural skincare products.

“I find soap-making such a therapeutic, relaxing way to destress in my bubble of stress, and I hope I can bring this experience to everyone else as well.”

My Doctor’s Diagnosis 

When I was in secondary school, I was your typical student athlete. I swam for the Hong Kong Swim Team and attended a prestigious local school. I was balancing hours of school work on top of training, as well as preparations for my upcoming DSE exams.

About 6 months before the DSE, I realized that I wanted to compete in a swimming competition, which unfortunately clashed with the DSE exam dates. I decided to forgo my DSE exam and instead, study for A-Levels (a UK-based public exam).

The A-Levels curriculum is a two-year program and I only had 6 months to prepare for it. Juggling between intense studying and swim training, I became extremely stressed out and upset. I felt like I was too mediocre and not good enough. In my first year of university, I was clinically diagnosed with depression.

A Kind Neighbor’s Life-Changing Offer

I had met this neighbor of mine because we both walked our dogs around the neighborhood, and bonded over that. I remember talking to her about my stress at school and she told me about soap-making.

She offered to teach me if I had time, so over the semester break of my first year in university, I went over to her place to learn soap-making. Over time, I realized that different formulas and ratios of ingredients can create a variety of soaps; each soap has its own characteristic and usage.

Soap-making is meticulous work and requires a lot of thinking and planning, but I really enjoy it. It might sound really trivial and small now, but this hobby truly opened a window in my life to help me destress.

Paying It Forward 

I feel like there are a lot of unspoken mental health issues in HK that are just swept underneath the rug. Taking the time to make soap and other little handicrafts really helped me feel better in dark times, I want to extend the positivity to everyone else in the community.

Furthermore, many big companies use chemicals in their products which is very damaging to our skin, and I also want to use this opportunity to look out for people who have skin allergies or conditions. Thus, I like adding natural ingredients and Chinese herbal medicines in my products to help my customers.

While I think using natural ingredients to make skincare soaps is an added benefit, ultimately, I just hope everyone can enjoy the process and find the little joys in life. Happiness isn’t far away, it may be inside the small piece of soap you make.


Additional information

Online Class


Ointment Pack

Base oil (Grape seed oil) with Essential oil (Lavender), No

Lip Balm Pack

[Plain Color] Base oil (Grape seed oil) with Essential oil (Lavender), [Red Color] Base oil (Grape seed oil) with Essential oil (Lavender), No

Soap Pack

Base oil: coconut and olive oil (dry skin), Base oil: grapeseed oil (oily skin), Base oil: groom well root oil (sensitive skin), No

(Optional) Soap Utensils Kit

Yes, No


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