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  • Those looking to learn how to bake
  • Foodies out and about
  • Those with a sweet tooth
  • Anyone who wants to make desserts

About the Class

With the understanding that not everyone has access to top-tier baking equipment in Hong Kong, I am pleased to say that this is no-oven baking class. I will be teaching everyone how to utilize the kitchen equipment you already have to create delicious treats.

Using only a pan and stove, we will be making icing cookies, meringue (with different coloring), and steamed earl grey / coconut cake. As we go through each recipe, I am hopeful that everyone can develop your own style. I strongly encourage each and every one of you to add in some of your own colors and flair into your finished product.  

About Emily

Hello, my name is Emily, and I am the owner of the online shop 22Factory.

“There is no set standard in baking. What matters is creating something to your own liking, and enjoying the creative process itself.”

My Passion Started Young 

I have always been interested in food, both sweet and savory. As a young child, I had to learn to make my own after-school snacks when alone at home.

In between watching TV shows, observing my mom cook, reading cookbooks at local bookstores, and looking up online recipes, I picked up many different techniques and cooking styles.

A Desire For Better Food Options 

My mom used to buy birthday cakes from traditional cake shops, but I never enjoyed them because I felt that they were too sweet and heavy.

Using the information I had gathered on the Internet, I decided to try baking a cake myself. I was determined to make one that suited my taste.

I soon realized that baking actually requires a lot of trial and error before becoming familiarized. For example, a soft peak or a stiff peak from whisking is not something that can be objectively quantified and differentiated through words, but rather a learning process perfected with practice. 

Further Developing My Career

This hobby started shifting into my career. The unwavering belief from my friends and family motivates me to keep baking. I have since joined many different workshops to learn special techniques, such as Korean decoration styles for cake-making.

I used to work at a patisserie factory in Hong Kong, my role included washing molds, folding cake boxes, making fondant decorations on a fondant cake, making cookie batter, etc. 

While I loved the essence of my job, the repetitive work nature became tiring, and I wanted to find something new to do. Thus, I decided to open my own shop on Instagram, now known as 22Factory.

To My Students

I want my students to understand there isn’t an objective standard in cooking or baking. Everyone has their own preferences and niche.

I simply hope that I can share my personal way of cooking and experiences with my students, and then they can make their own adjustments, or perhaps create something entirely different.




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