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  • Those interested in art
  • Those interested in drawing figures
  • Anyone looking for a new hobby
  • Artistic friends

About the Class

In this class, our Starter’s Kit will include water-color paints, water-color pens, a water-color sketch book, and pencils. I will begin by teaching everyone how to use and take care of this equipment, as well as the proper hand positioning for drawing and painting.

Then, we will dive right into face and body portraits. I will teach you how to express and paint different skin tones, how to layer and shade facial features and details, and how to draw water-color paintings from reference photos.

Ultimately, art and drawing are creative outlets. Through learning the basics (techniques and colors), I hope that everyone will eventually learn how to create your own style and create your own art.

About Kina

Hi there, my name is Kina, and I love drawing.

“Drawing helps me express emotions I can’t otherwise explain through words.”

Young Passion 

I have always enjoyed drawing. My mother tells me I started drawing when I was around 3 years old, even though I probably had no idea what drawing even was back then.

I took drawing lessons in primary school, but have been self-taught ever since secondary school. Currently, I am most invested in water-colors although I do dabble in different styles of drawing.

Although drawing and art have always been a hobby, I got a chance to work at an art gallery as a tutor about a year ago, and it has since evolved as my job. I’m so fortunate to be able to make a living by doing something I love.

My Personal Style 

My artwork now mostly consists of girls with curvier body shapes and facial features. I have always enjoyed drawing girls and facial features, but my style solidified after experiencing cyber-bullying because of my physical appearance and body shape.

Girls in Hong Kong are relatively skinny and slim, and this is seen as the preferred body shape. I want to show girls who are self-conscious or not confident of themselves that they are beautiful and lovable as well.

Having been personally affected, body image is something I feel very strongly about. Through my artwork, I hope to convey the message that all body shapes should be loved and not be discriminated against.

How Art Has Helped Me 

Art has been the way I express myself when I am down or stressed, especially during the dark times when I was bullied. It helped me explain and convey my emotions effectively when I did not have the words.

I hope that my class can too, help students express their emotions and relieve stress. I also hope that my class can convey the message of “holding on to something you love.”




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