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Perfect For

  • Those looking to explore a new dance style
  • Those looking to move their bodies
  • Anyone interested in break-dancing

About the Class

In this break-dancing class, I will be teaching everyone the basics of bone-breaking. There are 6 parts to the foundational knowledge of bone-breaking, namely pausing, connecting (wave and tut), hat tricks, gliding, getting low, and bone-breaking. 

We will practice gliding, wave and tut, and the special stretching technique of bone-breaking. Stretching and cooling down exercises will also be taught to prevent muscle injury. Resistance bands will be sent to everyone.

Through 30-sec music and demo videos that offer step-by-step guidance, I am hopeful that I will be able to share my passion and love for dancing with you all, and spread the popularity of this genre of dance in Hong Kong.

About Ben

Hey, my name is Ben, and I am the first bone-breaker in Hong Kong.

Dancing is contagious.” 

A Dream Come True 

I really only started dancing in 2015. I remember watching America’s Got Talent and feeling very impressed by the contestants who performed their dance routines in front of millions of people. 

You could say they inspired me to start dancing so that one day I, too, would be able to perform on a big stage in front of thousands of audience members. This dream of mine came true when I performed as a finalist in China’s Got Talent last year. 

But Why Dance? 

I’m going to be the first to admit that I am not an eloquent speaker, but unlike languages, dancing allows me to express myself without any boundaries. I can show everyone how I truly feel with my body movements. 

The best feeling is when I can move and sway freely to music I like. When I share my skills and passion with my students, I feel like I am passing on a beautiful energy and connection without any sort of communication barrier. 

Having an audience who supports and appreciates my dancing style gives me so much motivation to continue improving every single day. 

Exploring Break Dancing in HK

Flexing, tutting, and breaking dance are still relatively new styles in Hong Kong. Being the first bone-breaker in Hong Kong, I would love to share this special dancing style authentic to Brooklyn with everyone in Asia, but especially Hong Kong. 

It would be an amazing opportunity to teach everyone the style, technique, history, and tricks of this charming and unique language. And of course, to get everybody moving!





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