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Perfect For

  • Those interested in tarot card reading
  • Those who want a glimpse into the future
  • Any spiritual friends out and about

About the Class

You will each be given a set of tarot cards and a simple guide zine. I will teach you the cards by their meanings and help understand the symbology behind, but to fully be able to do a reading, you must first memorize the meanings of the cards. As beginners, you will be able to read up to 2-3 years ahead.  

About Charlotte

Hi everyone, I am Charlotte, and I will be teaching you all how to read tarot cards.

“I created my tarot deck to comfort others; its symbols are blunt but kind.”

What is tarot card reading? 

Tarot cards are tools for fortune-telling, but unlike other fortune-telling practices, it’s more like looking through a peephole rather than having a birds-eye view of one’s life (though this is also possible if you’re a more advanced reader).

Everyone can read tarot cards. Tarot card reading enables you to read your own path or your client’s path, and possible outcomes that follow. Post-reading, you can always change your decisions if you don’t like the outcome you just read.

How I started  

I was in secondary school when I found my aunt’s collection of tarot decks hidden at the back of the cabinet. Among them was a beginner’s kit on how to read the cards, and that’s how I first started to teach myself.

Hence, I am mostly self-taught. However, whenever I run into issues or get confused, I consult my aunt. She would always be there to answer my questions about the practice.

Tarot Card Reading to Me

I like to call tarot card reading a form of “occult counseling” — a way to understand what is currently ahead of you in your path as your own decisions.

While I can always consult another tarot reader, reading for myself is the most powerful because I understand myself best.

It’s a way to help me make my own informed decisions and to learn to heal myself. For me personally, tarot card reading is a guide for how my life should be; it also gives a better idea of what may lie ahead of me in life.



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