Watercolor Coloring Book Full Kit

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<Night Garden of Watercolor Flowers>

This book uses unique black paper designs that don’t absorb water or paint, perfect for beginner watercolor artists, kids and elderlies alike. Start your watercolor journey in this night flower garden.

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About the set

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to paint beautiful watercolors at one go, and not worry about making mistakes? Here is a kit just for you, this magical, all-in-one watercolor book created by Bird In Page.

This book uses unique black paper designs that don’t absorb water or paint. So even if your hands are a bit unstable in places, you can finish neatly painted pieces of artwork just by blotting the edges as you go.


When your mind is a bit restless, use spend the night with <Night Garden of Watercolour Flowers>. This 78-page book is filled with lush designs of floral patterns. Without stressing too much, you can finish clean works of art with pretty gradations. Art never came this easy.


How to Use the Kit


Introducing <Night Garden of Watercolor Flowers>


Have shaky hands? No problem! The black, water-repellent parts of the paper make it easier for you to paint within the borders. It’s perfect for you, children and elderlies alike. Mini Lesson Cards will guide you through different techniques so you can be comfortable using the colors.


The kit also provides you with top-notch, just-as-you-need-it watercolor paints. The palette includes 9 different watercolor paints used by professional artists: Permanent Rose, Green Pale, Blue Grey, Ultramarine Violet, Peacock Green, Sap Green, Naples Yellow, Vermillion, and Shell Pink.


The colors are study and powerful, able to paint the whole book with just two colors out of nine!

Ready-to-go Package Design

There is no limit to where and when you can start painting with this all-in-one packet. With a book binder to hold the brush and paints together, you can bring it anywhere you want to paint. Paint with the real colors you see where you stand.


Found a place to sit down? Open the page you want to start coloring. You will notice the book becomes flat once it’s open, strongly binded by the hardcover material.


Professional artists always bind the four corners of the paper while painting. To create a similar effect, the book uses 180g papers that will naturally stay still while you paint the insides. You can also use the book binder to make the paper even more stable.


Hop on to the painting journey with <Night Garden of Watercolour Flowers> coloring book, whether you are inspired by nature or imagination.


Perfect For

  • Those who are looking for an outlet of creative/artistic expression
  • Those who are interested in drawing or painting activities
  • Those who are looking for a relaxing, meditative weekend hobby


Package Options

Basic Kit


  1. Watercolour Coloring Book * 1 (English translation is provided after purchase)
  2. Watercolour Brush Round:
    1. Size 4 * 1
    2. Size 6 * 1
    3. Size 10 * 1
  3. Watercolour Paint Palette (9 colors) * 1
  4. Book Binding Rubber Band * 1


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