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Color Punch Needle Class <Valentine Limited>




Colorful / PeacefulFamily

About the Class

Punch Needle makes it easy for beginner needlers

to create beautiful artworks with thread

Don't worry when you make mistakes!

Gently rub the fabric, and it will bounce back to original state.

As you punch the needle with thread,

you will feel all your stress going away.

You will be creating a design with fabric in a spark

before you even realize it!

Square frames are good for both hanging,

and you can also use as a cushion

by cutting away the edges

The designs are attached to the frame already

so it's easy for you to hold and punch right away

Round frames are also good for display

and for cushion!

Fix the fabric to the frame

to start punching!


01 Starry Night (Square)

02 Holding Hands

03 Parrot

04 Pastel Scenery

05 Starry Night (Round)

06 The Artist

07 Mountains

08 Rainbow

09 The Woman

  • Instruction packet (Korean)
  • Design pattern with frame
  • Punch needle
  • Threads

Color Punch Needle Class <Valentine Limited>