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Custom Neon Sign Board Class



Messages That Shines Across the Night


Your sparkly neon dreams are

about to come true!

These DIY Neon Sign kits are

perfect for those looking to

add a bit of jazz to their homes. 

The making process is pretty simple

so this DIY activity will be great for

those who are looking for something

to keep their hands busy during

a TV show or YouTube marathon!


Perfect for Gifting

Personal message


Needs patience


Design yourself



✔ Video & paper instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides

2m neon wire, white canvas, and

other necessary tools for crafting

✔ Comes with 2 AA batteries

✔ Can create 8-10 letters



✔ Needs sufficient desk space

✔ No noxious gas & mercury

✔ No periodic refill needed

✔ Vert little heat emitted -

safe to use or touch


Package Options




  • Pink Neon Light
  • Blue Neon Light
  • White Neon Light


  1. 2 m neon wire * 1
  2. Instruction paper * 1
  3. 20cmx30cm Canvas * 1
  4. Sketch Paper * 1
  5. Sandpaper * 1
  6. Plastic Cap * 1
  7. Adhesive * 2
  8. String * 1
  9. Pencil * 1
  10. Eraser * 1
  11. Battery Pack * 1
  12. Batteries * 1
  13. Awl * 1


Things to Prepare

  1. Scissor
  2. Tape
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    FRIDAY Starters

    • You will receive English paper instruction inside the kit, as well as a video link (if available) for better assistance

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    Custom Neon Sign Board Class