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Self Henna Tattoo Starter



Easy, Safe, and Waterproof Natural Tattoo


This beginner-friendly

Self Henna Tattoo package is perfect for

anyone who always wanted to get inked!

The waterproof self-henna lasts

3 to 14 days and is a safe alternative to

permanent tattoos—safe for both

your skin and from your

tattoo-disapproving parents/boss.


The package includes easy and

straightforward instructions and

plenty of practice designs so you can

perfect your Henna on the first try!


Comes with booklet that includes

33 design themes with 872 patterns

such as friendship tattoos, fashion tattoos,

lettering, zodiac signs, and etc.

According to the right mood and occasion,

you can choose the perfect design



For absolute beginners, the package

also provides needle tip bottles,

which makes it easier to draw

more intricate and cleaner lines.


All the components come in a

compact case easy to carry around and

suitable for the outdoors too.




Think of unique designs


Help each other draw

Outdoor activity

Simple and portable



✔ Online instructions &

Guidebook with  872 designs

✔ The package provides plastic board,

3 henna cones in 2 colors,

needle tip bottles, water-soluble

drawing pen, alcohol swabs,

binder clip, and a plastic case

✔ Included (Golecha) henna cones

does not contain

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD),

ammonia, or oxidants and

is thus safe for your skin

✔ Each Henna cone can draw

20~30 medium-sized designs (5x10cm)



✔ Test for allergic reaction to

the henna before using the package

✔ Keep the unused henna cones

refrigerated for best results

✔ Prepare wet tissue


Package Options


  1. Henna DIY Guidebook * 1
  2. Plastic Panel * 1
  3. Henna Cone:
    1. Black * 2
    2. Natural Brown * 1
  4. Water-soluble Drawing Pen * 1
  5. Alcohol Swab * 4
  6. Binder Clip * 1
  7. Needle Tip Bottle * 2
  8. Plastic Case * 1


  1. Henna Cone <Black Colour> + Needle Tip 
  2. Henna Cone <Natural Brown Colour> + Needle Tip
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    Self Henna Tattoo Starter