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Transparent Gardenia Flower Embroidery Class



Clear Embroidery with Wildflower Designs

Embroidery is a soothing, meditative

way to relax after a long day.

If you need some digital/social media

world detox and want to focus on

yourself for a bit, these embroidery

kits are just the thing for you! 


Even if you’re an absolute beginner, 

the beginner-friendly HOW-TO videos

will guide you through the whole

process of embroidering.


The delicate flower design

will make the finished product

a great house décor item or

hand-made housewarming gift.


Perfect for Gifting

Beautiful designs

Peace of Mind

Relaxing and Satisfying

Good Night

Before you go to sleep



✔ Online and paper instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides

design fabric, thread, embroidery needle,

and a wooden hoop frame



✔ Can be done at home, café,

or any of your favorite place​s

✔ Prepare your own scissor

✔ Be cautious when handling needle


Package Info

A Gardenia Flower Transparent Embroidery Frame



  1. Instruction Manual
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Embroidery Thread: 
    1. Green * 1
  4. Embroidery Needle * 1
  5. Design Sketch Silk Fabric * 1
  6. Gardenia Flower Petals * 3
  7. Wooden Embroidery Hoop Frame (Made-in-Germany) (diameter: 12.5cm)
  8. Frame Hanging Rope * 1
  9. Clear Thread * 1
  10. Macrame Tassel * 1
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    Transparent Gardenia Flower Embroidery Class